Workshop Experiences



from 370,00€ for 1 to 3 people

Learn the art of hats and live a totally out-of-time experience like a piece of fashion that has lasted for centuries.


Unique hours


from 370,00€ for 1 to 3 people


more than 10 on demand

Our commitments

  • Fully customized experience.
  • Certified artisan & atelier.
  • Discover a new side of Paris
  • Client satisfaction

During this experience, you will do the following :

  • To begin this experience, meet the artisans at the atelier.
  • Explore the atelier with a special welcome and complimentary drinks.
  • Indulge in a fully private workshop and go over past creations of the artisans, learn about different hat styles, and hat-making techniques from the hatmakers!
  • Now it is time to make your own customised hat, you will be guided through the entire process with an expert hatmaker.
  • Once you create your own hat you will be now taught how to clean it and take care of it.
  • Leave the atelier with your personalized creation with your name on it, its box and a cleaning set.

It includes

Special welcome & rendezvous with the Artisans
Privately held workshop
A special tour of the workshop.
Complimentary drinks for each participant.
Creation of a personalized hat for each participant
A take-away box with customized hat and a cleaning set for each participant.


Dive into the extraordinary world of La Chapellerie MiniMeParis and create the headgear you have always dreamed oh.

With your family or between friends, you will enter a unique place to live a totally offbeat fashion and luxury experience. Between fantastic atmosphere and atypical settings, La Chapellerie MiniMeParis remains traditional in its exceptional know-how that its founders learned from the greatest luxury houses. An explosive cocktail for an eternally memorable memory.

Through this exclusive workshop, you will compose your own hat and personalize it in the smallest details by adorning it with ribbons, embroideries or even feathers for the most audacious!

Leave with an absolutely unique creation because it will be yours!